Port Vehicles Tracking System

Mobiltrust has developed ‘PORT VEHICLES TRACKING’ systems for planning in ports which have a massive vehicle traffic, including occupational safety, enabling efficiency, maintenance and repair. The system can be applied for any transport vehicle utilized in port operations;

§Provides uninterrupted precise communication for vehicles tracking against metal density within the port ( in cases where the GPS & GPRS infrastructure is insufficient due to the aforementioned condition). §Operates under closed circuit and connected to the port’s network in accordance with data safety, other security sensitivities and port map. §The closed circuit communication is realized by Wi-Fi and RS 232 port.

Mobiltrust Port Vehicles Tracking System Hardware and Software Package

MTS 111T Tracking Device; Easy to install and long lasting battery,

M2M Tracking Software; Desktop and Mobile Apps,

Uninterrupted Tracking with 2 Year Subscription

Solutions to different tracking needs with additional hardware

Mobiltrust M2M Tracking Software

▪ Operator Registration; Driver Identification, Work Time Tracking, AreaTracking

▪ UserAuthorization

▪ Collision PreventionWarning

▪ Through Can Bus; Active Motion Information, Fuel Consumption, BatteryInformation


  • MTS 822 - RFID Reader

    By means of RFID Proximity card, vehicles usage period will be tracked down. RFID reader is able to specify any vehicle used by any driver. When the vehicle is powered up, the driver let the RFID reader read the car. Moreover, RFID reader can be used in school buses and industrial applications.

  • MTS 820 - Driver ID Reader

    By the time the vehicle is powered up, the driver can introduce him/herself to the system. This sensor makes it possible with light and voice warnings. All reports can be obtained according to the specific drivers. This way, it is possible to detect that how many drivers have used the desired vehicle.

  • MTS 830 - Door Sensor

    Vehicle doors’ status can be tracked down whenever a door gets opened or closed. By the time a door gets opened/closed, time and location message will be sent to the application server.

  • Engine Blockage

    The following vehicle is entered through the system and the engine is blocked by stopping the engine.