Trailer and Container Tracking System

A Mobiltrust Trailer Tracking system for planning, safety tracking, ad-hoc and accurate tracking of customers’ cargo of trailers; most crucial assets of logistics companies. Provides uninterrupted tracking of trailers, the loads they carry and situations such as trailer swapping to different trucks. This is the most advanced solutions not only for trailers but also for CONTAINER tracking.

Mobiltrust Trailer and Container Tracking System Hardware and Software Package

MTS 111T Tracking Device; Easy to install and long lasting battery,

M2M Tracking Software; Desktop and Mobile Apps,

Uninterrupted Tracking with 2 Year Subscription

Solutions to different tracking needs with additional hardware

Mobiltrust M2M Tracking Software

▪ Trailer & Container In-Zone / Out-Of-Zone Follow-up

▪ Trailer & Container Location Information

▪ Follow-up On/Off Information

▪ ERP Integration

You can experience Mobiltrust Trailer and Container Tracking solution by trying M2M Tracking Software Demo


  • MTS 815 - Humidity Sensor

    Humidity sensor can regularly send the field humidity and temperature where it is installed. In case there is an increase/decrease in humidity above/below the specified limit, warning messages will be sent to the application server.

  • MTS 801- G Sensor

    The sensor allows us to get real and instant information about impact, sudden acceleration / deceleration, transitions from bumps or hollows, skidding and sudden maneuvers.

  • MTS 830 - Door Sensor

    Vehicle doors’ status can be tracked down whenever a door gets opened or closed. By the time a door gets opened/closed, time and location message will be sent to the application server.

  • Engine Blockage

    The following vehicle is entered through the system and the engine is blocked by stopping the engine.